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820.000 € allein für „externe Kommunikationsberater“ - wenn Zahlen sprachlos machen…

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Convinced my friend to hop-on this trend @KermitTheFrog 🐸

Ein kleiner an eine schlaue Füchsin, die heute wieder Grießbrei isst 😜
Was macht der Rücken heute?
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Around 17:00, my mother in law came around for a cup of coffee and to see her grandchildren.
She visits every sunday, and - if we don't see each other too often - it's really nice.

Dinner was had after that, the buns turned out nicely, chicken and sweet-sour veggies too.

Ich finde das so genial: @___jgl___ ist Einwanderer, wie ich, und kocht auch gerne international!
Bonuspunkte natürlich, dafür das es heute Niederländische Gerichte gibt ❤
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Heute ist Niederlande-Tag bei uns. Zu Mittagessen gibt's Snert. Heute Abend gibt's Kibbeling, Pommes und Salat.

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Wie is er met Bianca getrouwd op 11 september 1992? Wij zoeken jou!
Vanmorgen een bijzondere vondst tussen onze eieren van @HorescaHORECAVO (leverancier Eicom, Barneveld). Lieve mensen, deel dit bericht en social media doe je werk!

Sorry, @rhipratchett ... your dad has robbed me of the capability to see a chest just as it is. I saw your retweet and was irritated, as there are no feet underneath it! 🙈😂
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Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the RPGer/Pet enthusiast in your life? Then look no further than 🦴🎁

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Registrations for 5th Dec - close in 24 hours... All info about our free support group meetings plus registration details are here

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Driving home tonight, I thought about Republicans' floor speeches today on the "sanctity of life".

And how this concern for "life" apparently doesn't extend to the kids who were shot today in a school in Michigan.

So I turned the car around, and went to the Senate floor.

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Dat baart me zorgen.

(Met dank aan Irene Hellinga!)

Well well well...what a surprise 🙄
Omicron found in Netherlands earlier than thought: health authority

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