As requested by King and Allen - the final pictures of my handcrafted waistcoat. It will now be sent to Ireland, as my entry for Rory Duffy's "HandcraftTailor Bi-Annual Waistcoat Competition".
All the details will be online on my blog soon!

Kid #2 is trying to escape again.
Only having 2 lower front teeth does minimise his chances of succeeding though...🤣

The lining is in, all seams are closed. Now, it's time for the real work: handstitching. Button holes. Buttons.

First "fitting". Not much to fit though, as the waistcoat is made for someone bigger than me. But the pattern matches quite nicely, pockets and edges match up well.

The foreparts of the waistcoat are prepared for fitting: all four pockets are in, both parts are canvassed and the inlays have been roughly basted along the edges.

2 foreparts of a "bespoke waistcoat-to-be". 4 pockets inserted, fronts should match later on too...

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Cyber psyops. The scrolling news for the Ukrainian Priamyi TV channel was reading tonight: “Ukrainians, give up! Zelensky signed the act of surrender”

Seems like a big waste of time. Completely ineffective as far as psychological ops go

Es täte allen beteiligten gut, sich erst mal zu informieren, bevor man hier einn Streit vom Zaun bricht.
Etymologisch sind weder dumm, noch idiotisch exklusiv für psychisch Kranken reserviert, sondern waren schon immer auch für den "gewöhnlichen Menschen" in Gebrauch.
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Uff, @ardenthistorian schrieb, man dürfe Wähler:innen von Rechtsextremisten nicht dumm oder idiotisch nennen, weil man damit psychisch Kranke beleid…

Over de arbeidsomstandigheden van de platformmedewerkers van Schiphol maakte Zembla onlangs nog de uitzending 'Ziek van Schiphol'. Kijk terug:

Where is it?
Spent years in cloud computing, and nobody tells me this!?
Looking at you, @CloudStack , @Hetzner_Online , @Azure 🧐
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The life of cloud computing is more opulent than I realised. It has a large swimming-pool. The paper does not specify how many garages it has.

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delighted to announce that my new zine "How DNS Works!" is out today!

You can get it here for $12:

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Just finished writing my first children’s book, Noah No One and the Night of the Weredrobe (basically, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Stranger Things meets the IKEA catalogue!)
This is the first page, if you’re interested…

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Happy birthday to Her Majesty The Queen. Her first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill; her current one… really isn’t.

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