As requested by King and Allen - the final pictures of my handcrafted waistcoat. It will now be sent to Ireland, as my entry for Rory Duffy's "HandcraftTailor Bi-Annual Waistcoat Competition".
All the details will be online on my blog soon!

German, Witze der Jugend 

Mal wieder eine wirre Frage, bei der ihr vielleicht helfen könnt: In meiner Jugend gab's Witze über Ostfriesen, ein Kind namens Fritzchen und Blondinen. Eigentlich 'ne komische Kombination und im Nachhinein jetzt auch nicht sonderlich korrekt, aber gut.

Jetzt die Frage: Gibt's so wiederkehrende Topics auch heute noch? Sind das dieselben Witze? Oder die gleichen mit anderen Gruppen? Oder sind die durch was komplett anderes ersetzt worden? 😄

Kid #2 is trying to escape again.
Only having 2 lower front teeth does minimise his chances of succeeding though...🤣

@thraeryn Staying "on track" as sufferer is hard enough as it is. Priorisation is more important than fitness to me:
Kids/Family 1st, work 2nd. This reduces stress and thus the need for exercise.
As is my workout, my wife and I share the available trainings (3x a week 19:30-21:00) - resulting in 1 or 2 workouts a week.
Having a defined goal, or people depending on you showing up regularly, really helps.

Are cemeteries open or closed for nights where you live?

(for visitors, not for burying operations)

@Stoori Especially funny, as Brussels-Centre (Midi) is Brussels-South in Dutch 🤣
Depends on the viewpoint, I guess? 🤔😉

#linguisitics poll
If there are any people living in the North of Flanders, bordering the West-Flanders region, do you still speak or understand Flemish as spoken by your ancestors?
Voor wie in Frans-Vlaanderen woont, wie verstaat nog steeds het Vlaams zoals het gesproken werd door je voorouders?
Pour ceux qui habitent le Nord en France? Est-ce-que vous parlez ou comprenez encore le Flamand comme vos ancêtres le parlaient?
#linguistics #flemish #dutch #France

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The lining is in, all seams are closed. Now, it's time for the real work: handstitching. Button holes. Buttons.

Fuck video “documentation” and write a goddamn user manual

@jens Yay, got plenty of those too 😄
But you are right: Major breach at one of my customers was caused that way: User believed it was legit, clicked the link (was not thrown of by a Microsoft login website, despite never having used their services 🙄) and happily entered e-mail address and password.
An African customer saved their *ss, as he called them, regarding a bill he got sent, with a Bulgarian account number 🧐☝️

@grumpysmiffy The father of one of the other toddlers there, at daycare.

Für die, die glauben es sei lustig, die Niederländische Sprache lächerlich zu machen:
In NL wäre das Äquivalent: lautes Gebrüll im Befehlston, gespickt mit "Aufmachen!, "Zu Befehl", Bratwurst und Lederhosen-Witze.
Cool, oder? Nicht? Tsja...

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Es ist NICHT lustig, jemanden nachzuäffen, der gerade in der Muttersprache mit seinem Kind spricht - oder ausgelutschte Witze über diese Sprache / dem Land zu bringen.
Ein Erwachsener kann es ignorieren oder weglachen - ein Kleinkind könnte die Idee bekommen, die 2. Muttersprache wäre etwas, wofür man sich schämen muss.
(Jawoll, gerade eben in der Kita passiert)1/2

Reminder: It is NOT funny to badly imitate someone who is speaking a different language with their toddler, nor is it funny to bring stupid old jokes.
An adult will be able to ignore it or laugh it off. A toddler might think or feel, the other language is something to be ashamed of.
(Yes, this just happened to me at daycare with my daughter...)

@jpmens Ah, sh*t, you're right! Hmmm, how did I solve that 🤔

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