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If being slowly dissolved wasn’t bad enough, the Cleric had to endure the humiliation of being stuck inside a Gelatinous Cylinder, the notably inferior cousin to the infamous Gelatinous Cube…

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And yet again, evangelicals manage to be the most hilarious people without trying to be.

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Debbie Harry, Fab 5 Freddy, Grandmaster Flash, Tracy Wormworth, and Chris Stein, 1981.

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This animated segment first aired in 1975

Sesame Street has never held back from calling people out.

(TW: outdated terminology and use of stereotypes)

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Autumn is a wonderful time of year, gazing over the datacenter, watching the green LEDs turn various shades of amber and red.

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Men of quality don’t fear equality.

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Kennt ihr solche Schriften, die 'fremde' Schriften imitieren (z.B. auf Restaurantschildern)? Im Internet wird diskutiert, ob ihre Verwendung problematisch ist & genau darüber gibt's jetzt einen (frei verfügbaren) Artikel von mir! Publikationsparty, juhu!

Exactly. In Germany they say, cold coffee makes you good looking.
Which is definitely true, as I have been looking like a handsome 60year old for 30 years now.
(I'm 46 ... don't ask😱)
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why bother making cold brew when you can just make hot coffee and forget it exists for an hour instead

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Liebe bekennende Christen,

man kann fest gegründet auf Bibel & Bekenntnis stehen & trotzdem rechtem Denken eine deutliche Absage erteilen.

Nein, falsch formuliert:

man kan nur fest gegründet auf Bibel & Bekenntnis stehen, wenn man rechtem Denken eine deutliche Absage erteilt.

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Vincent Price does the Thriller rap for the only time live (1987)

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This was the most valuable information I learned at UCLA

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.colleague @brechtcastel @Knack debunks ❌video and shows you how to 🛠️😎

This is ❌NOT prime minister 🇳🇿 @jacindaardern

Am I surprised?
Well, no.
He's always been a racist shithead.
Yes, quite a good guitar player, but a racist, idiotic one.
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EXCLUSIVE: Eric Clapton isn't just spouting vaccine nonsense. He's bankrolling anti-vaxx protesters.

One of a bunch of WTF moments in @RollingStone's investigation into Clapton's long journey on the fringe, including some shockingly racist episodes.…

I'm trying to say anything meaningful about this. But I can't.
I'm not sure if I like it, hate it or just don't care.
So: Enjoy it, or don't.
(No, I usually don't hate Disco or Grunge.)
Oh, there are some gems in the comments too!
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hello, i've found the most bonkers thing and it's a disco cover of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' from The Voice Russia

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'Het aantal besmettingen neemt vooral toe in de biblebelt.'
Beste gelovigen, je kunt behalve gelovig ook verstandig zijn hoor. Doe je best.

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