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Mann mit Kind sucht Wohnung in Bielefeld. WBS vorhanden. Budget entsprechend klein. Verzweiflung schon recht groß. Bitte DM wenn ihr was hört...

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God: you're a koala bear.

Koala: yay I love bears!

God: but you’re not actually a bear.

Koala: why not?

God: bears have certain criteria they have to meet.

Koala: and I'm not koalafied : )



God: you are in fact unbearable : )

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Other researchers have had their accounts permanently suspended, without recourse.

Twitter is doing the bidding of Nazis, and valuable research is getting disappeared. The chilling effect is real, meanwhile.

It's hard to overstate the damage being done.

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Another grim example of how Twitter's slapdash moderation system gets abused by bad faith actors to further harassment and silencing, rather than oppose it. You can false report bombard almost anyone off this site and this isn't recognised as a problem. Solidarity with WaB.

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@LoShearing @we_are_biscuit @TwitterOpen Yeah so basically 90% of our money comes from etsy, and twitter is our most effective platform for advertising the etsy. So no twitter means fewer sales means no activism that costs money...

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We've moved from @we_are_biscuit got suspended to @we_are_biscuit is potentially shutting down for good.

Thanks @TwitterOpen. As a direct result of your actions, we may be losing the only feminist bi organisation in the UK.

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Mir hat gerade eben ein ca 11 jähriger Junge was beim Joggen hinterher gerufen und vielleicht kommen wir irgendwann dahin, dass Leute ihre Jungen dazu erziehen, dass man die verdammte Fresse hält, wenn jemand an einem vorbei rennt.

Although I love driving (it's a "low level activity": I am busy enough to silence 90% of the "radio stations" in my head but I don't have to concentrate that hard to make it stressful), I often need a few seconds to brace myself for the "outside world ".
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@ravenscimaven The (parked) car is a relatively safe, quiet place to just exist in for a few moments (or longer) to just, I don't know how to explain it, brace yo…

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Registrations for 5th Dec - close in 24 hours... All info about our free support group meetings plus registration details are here

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Habt ihr heute schon eure Eltern und Großeltern über sämtliche Spielarten des Enkeltricks aufgeklärt?
Nein? Bitte nachholen. Haben wir alle was von!

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Hier für alle Eltern, die sich ob der unsicher sind, insbesondere da die ja mal wieder so tut als sei die Impfung von Kindern ein Verbrechen: Eine Übersicht der Virologin @DrJanaSchroeder zu
Folgen Infektion
Folgen Impfung

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Ticketmaster be like:

Concert ticket: $40
Venue fee: 21.32
Access fee $18.32
Paperless transmission fee: $12.03
Fee Fee: $8.84
Fi Fo Fum: $3.43
Cuz We Can Fee: $2.01
Might as well fee: $1.89
WTF you gonna do nigga, not go? fee: $1.38
Another dollar won’t hurt nobody fee: $1.00

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Ärgerliche, grob irreführende Grafik. Wie auch immer sich das volle Stadion auf die Infektionszahlen in ausgewirkt haben mag: In der Kurve wäre es noch nicht zu sehen.

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