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@LBrothersMedia the way this is the real take and not a blooper 😭 jennifer aniston is what takes me out

Still a wonderful video❤
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If you need a smile today, here’s a wonderful outtake with Robin Williams and Elmo 😂❤️

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Pooh and Piglet walked and walked for hours and hours but no matter how far they walked, they didn’t seem to get anywhere…
“What did you say this place was called?” asked Pooh.
“IKEA,” said Piglet.

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Beziehungsorientierte Elternschaft ist für mich durchweg auch politisch, weil sie Gesellschaft verändern kann. Sie grenzt sich klar von antidemokratischen, autoritären, rassistischen, sexistischen und anders extremistisch denkenden Parteien ab. Das geht nicht zusammen.

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Thanks to social media this is one of the most famous battlefield relics from Napoleonic era. It captures the moment of a man's death. It is not a joke or a Monty Python sketch about a scratch. It might not seem so funny if we knew more about the man and his death. 1/10

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@samuel_clack Okay, hear me out. What if we made presidents faces nfts, like a bunch of them. And then printed them out with their web link on them so they could be distinguished and not duplicated. Then people could trade them in meat space. Call them Corporeal Asset Serialized Hashes.

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A THREAD on The Beatles' logo. Most people probably recognise it - a very simple design made distinctive by the drop "T" in the middle.

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So @jonstewart recently broke Hollywood's complete silence on @jk_rowling unapologetically maintaining antisemitic folklore through Harry Potter.

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Depressingly, I'm not even surprised any more.

Working in browser security made me deeply suspicious of AV.

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Don't worry, I'll spare you the usual metal stuff ... this time.
Give me one reason - Tracy Chapman
Although it's almost acoustic, the bass line, her voice ... the overall energy - this needs to be played loud! Louder!
(Oh... and the solo 😍)
Ich versuche es auch mal 😁
Mammy Blue - Pop Tops (1971)
Stand auf eines von Papas Mix-Tapes ❤…

Es sitzt hier tatsächlich einen Uhu in unserem Garten 🤯
Den Ruf mehrfach gecheckt, zweifelsohne ein Uhu!

Seems legit...
... like asking a bunch of butchers how they like veggie burgers.
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Look at the source lol

Voilà, le beaujolais dernier des Pays-Bas - mis en bouteille par Monsieur Rutte en personne.
Très bien pour quatre ans des migraines etdes brûlures d'estomac... le tout pour un prix très raisonnable: Beaucoup de frustration, rage et fatigue!
C'est l'occasion !
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To hamster is also a Dutch verb and this sign language interpreter singlehandedly reached legend status so hard that there was a dramatic increase in people studying to be one.

An interpreter, that is, not a hamster.

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